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Our objective is to help you create or improve your optimization models.

Let's talk about your models

We've put together a selection of optimization models to illustrate some types of problems that can be solved using Excel and Solver/OpenSolver. You can freely use those models to learn about optimization modelling in Excel and as a starting point for building a model to solve your problem.

Why Solver/OpenSolver?

There are many programming languages and libraries that provide optimization tools. But they generally have a high barrier to entry, through a steep learning curve, and some have substantial costs. Conversely, the combination of Excel and Solver/OpenSolver is widely available and relatively easy to use.

Excel remains the most widely-used modelling tool – by a large margin. The Solver add-in is part of Excel, and the OpenSolver alternative is available for free from OpenSolver.org. Many people are familiar with using Excel for analysis. By using Excel for your modelling, you're providing an environment that the users are comfortable with while still having access to sophisticated optimization tools.

Therefore, we focus on Solver/OpenSolver optimization models built in Excel.

Indicative pricing

If you want help with your own models, or if you would like us to build a model for you, then please contact us with a brief description of what you need.

The price for modifying an existing model, or building a new model, depends on the complexity and time required to complete the project. The following is an indication of typical prices. We accept payment via PayPal.