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  • Optimal selection
    Optimal selection
    Make an optimal choice given preferences and available resources
  • Networks
    Find the shortest, fastest, or cheapest path through a network
  • Production planning
    Production planning
    Select machines or production processes to maximize efficiency or minimize cost
  • Team selection
    Team selection
    Allocate team members in the best combination, given their skills and preferences
  • Sports
    Improve your fantasy sports team's performance by building an optimal line-up
  • Packing problems
    Packing problems
    Assign items to containers, minimizing the number of containers or maximizing value
  • Capital investment
    Capital investment
    Choose the best capital investment options, given your budget and requirements
  • Stock mix
    Stock mix
    Decide the best stock mix, given customer demand, to maximize profit
  • Portfolio optimization
    Portfolio optimization
    Allocate resources across a portfolio of choices, to maximize return and minimize risk
  • Facility location
    Facility location
    Locate facilities to minimize costs while meeting customer needs
  • Product mix
    Product mix
    Find the best mix of products or ingredients
  • Logistics
    Determine the optimal quantity and timing of orders, including shipping and storage
  • Cutting stock
    Cutting stock
    Find the best way to cut stock material, given your requirements
  • Create groups
    Create groups
    Assign people to groups to equalize distribution, maximize satisfaction, or minimize conflicts
  • Puzzles
    Solve puzzles like Sudoku, magic squares, and algebra word puzzles
  • Scheduling
    Schedule your resources to minimize time or maximize benefit
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