Useful links

Optimization modelling in Excel:

  • Solver. Frontline Systems provide additional information about the Solver add-in that is bundled with Excel, including more than 100 example models.
  • OpenSolver. Documentation and other useful information relating to the OpenSolver add-in, which is available to download for free.
  • Microsoft. Microsoft provide an overview of defining and solving an optimization problem using the Solver add-in.

Blogs about optimization:

  • Yet Another Math Programming Consultant. Erwin Kalvelagen's technical notes and optimization examples.
  • O.R. by the Beach. Blog by Associate Professor Tallys Yunes about complex decision problems that arise from a variety of practical applications.
  • The Analytics Guy. YouTube videos related to optimization, data analytics, and mathematical literacy by Tallys Yunes.
  • OR in an OB World. Operations research items and software tricks by Professor Emeritus Paul A. Rubin.
  • Punk Rock Operations Research. Blog by Professor Laura Albert about operations research modelling.
  • Optimization 101. A gentle introduction to the major topics in optimization.
  • RENeW. Dr. Anna Nagurney writing about research, networks, and the world.
  • The Quest for Optimality. Blog by Marc-Andre Carle, Professor at Téluq Quebec.
  • The Operations Room. A forum for discussing current topics in operations management (OM).
  • Kevin Gue. Focused on problems in warehousing and distribution.
  • Jay, Barry & Chuck's OM blog. A blog for Operations Management educators.
  • BCG Gamma. Global entity dedicated to analytics, data science and artificial intelligence.
  • Sysid. Blog about optimization, math, software development, and machine learning.
  • Optimisation in the real world. Initiative to raise awareness of how optimisation regularly influences our lives.
  • Farkas' Dilemma. Combinatorial optimization and integer programming blog by Austin Buchanan.
  • Nathan Brixius. Data science, optimization, analytics, and sports blog by Nathan Brixius.
  • OR in Devon. Thoughts and observations about Operational Research by David Smith.


Spreadsheet good practice:

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