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Nature inspired methods for optimization

This online book is written by Eric Fraga at University College London. It is primarily intended to demonstrate that simple optimization methods, inspired by nature, are able to solve complex problems in process engineering. The book has examples written in the Julia programming language, with the source code available on GitHub.

According to the author:

The focus of this book is on solving problems that arise in process systems engineering (PSE). Optimization plays a crucial part in many PSE activities, including process design and operation. The problems that arise may have one or more of these challenges, in no particular order:

  • Nonlinear models.
  • Multi-modal objective function.
  • Nonsmooth and discontinuous.
  • Distributed quantities.
  • Differential equations.
  • Small feasible regions.
  • Multiple objectives.
Fraga, introduction of "Nature inspired methods for optimization"

Book: Nature inspired methods for optimization.

GitHub: Code repository for textbook.