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Optimization models

This online textbook, written by Fabio Schoen, is based on an advanced optimization modeling course for students in Management Engineering at Università degli Studi di Firenze.

The textbook's emphasis is on understanding how to model a variety of situations. According to the author:

I feel there is still a wide gap which separates academic research from day to day adoption. And, in my opinion, part of this is due to the lack of sufficient modeling skills. If we cannot model a problem, no matter how sophisticated our optimization algorithm are, we will not be able to solve it nor suggest any decision. We need to communicate our problem to a solver. And to do this we need a deep knowledge of models.

Fabio Schoen, preface of "Optimization models"

Consequently, the textbook describes many optimization model examples, with code written mostly in AMPL. Some examples also have Julia and Pyomo code, with the author welcoming contributions of new or existing models from readers.

Textbook: Optimization models.