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26 June 2021

On the art of modeling

Punk Rock Operations Research has an interesting article about a 1967 paper On the art of modeling.

The paper's abstract says:

The problem of teaching or developing creative modeling ability is considered in the light of three basic hypotheses concerning the processes of enrichment (elaboration of very simple models), association (analogy with previously developed structures), and alternating attention to different aspects of the task.

Based on these hypotheses, specific steps are presented which have been developed to help individuals acquire modeling skills. The steps are illustrated by means of an example. Other sources of modeling ability are also suggested.

The discussion focuses on specific hypotheses concerning the differences between the teaching of models and the teaching of modeling.

Morris, W. T. (1967). "On the art of modelling"

The paper's insights and lessons are still highly relevant today, so it is definitely worth reading. We haven't found a freely available version of the paper, but it is available via ABI/INFORM or EBSCO which may be accessed through your local library web services.