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Our objective is to help you create and improve your optimization models.

Let's talk about your models

We're a collaborative group of professional modellers. Collectively we have several decades of experience in designing, building, and using optimization models. We want to share our experience with you.

To help you, we've put together a blog about optimization modelling, including fully working examples to illustrate how to model various types of optimization problems. You can freely use those examples to learn about optimization modelling and as a starting point for building a model to solve your problem.

Choice of tools

There are many optimization tools available. The most commonly used are Excel Solver/OpenSolver and packages for the Python programming language.


Excel is the most widely-used modelling tool – by a large margin. The Solver add-in is part of Excel, and the OpenSolver alternative is available for free from Many people are familiar with using Excel for analysis. By using Excel for your modelling, you provide an environment that the users are comfortable with while still having access to sophisticated optimization tools.


A programming language, like Python, provides greater flexibility and scalability compared with a spreadsheet-based approach. But programming languages generally have a high barrier to entry, with a steep learning curve. Some solver software also has substantial costs.

As we discuss in our blog article Optimization in Excel vs Python, there are advantages and disadvantages to all tools. The choice of optimization tool depends on the circumstances, including the model's features and the modellers' and users' familiarity with the tools. It is also a matter of personal preference.

We can help you make an informed choice about the right tool for your situation.

Indicative pricing

If you want help with your own models, or if you would like us to build a model for you, then please contact us with a brief description of what you need.

The price for modifying an existing model, or building a new model, depends on the complexity and time required to complete the project. The following is an indication of typical prices. We accept payment via PayPal.